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Monday, December 24, 2007

Perry Goes to Williamsburg

Going to Williamsburg this year I just had to bring Perry along! What a great picture opportunity! We had so much fun hanging out with our family, and then meeting up with the Ricucci's! Here are some pictures from the trip.

Perry's roommate

Quiet time

Getting ready to go..."what is that stuff?"

No Perry, not for you!

Off we go!

But not without a few more fun pictures with Perry!

Ok, NOW we are leaving for the Historic District!

This is how I carried him around when his wings grew tired.


The stocks

Meeting up with some of his "own kind"

Keara! A little freaked out...
"Can someone get this thing away from me? He has scary eyes!"
Williams Sonoma

Hanging out with Thomas Jefferson
When we arrived at the candy store, Perry's eyes got even bigger!
Almost as big as these jaw breakers!
I think that was his favorite part.

Can you find Perry?

We finally found it! Perry's great-great-great-great-Grandfather! Don't you see the resemblance?!

A restaurant after his own heart!
At the King's Arms Tavern, we had a reanactor come through our room and tell us some historic facts...and just as he was finally leaving ( :D ) Dad asked him to take a picture with the smallest family member. Of course, it was Perry. But it was kind of weird having some stranger hold your stuffed animal, and then pose for a picture. So the man told us "I will stand with Perry." Fun times! We made so many great memories on that trip!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

White's Ferry

Here are a few pictures from our annual trip to White's Ferry this October. We travel across the Ferry to an IHOP to celebrate the October birthday's in our family. Such fun!! :D

More posts to come! I promise!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sweet Sixteen

I had the privilege to shoot a surprise birthday party for Corinne Glab's Sweet Sixteen! It was so much fun! The theme was Pink Panther... :)

Pink Panther cartoons were playing from a projector the whole night long...well, until the Lone Ranger came on!

Game time!

The night of the party was also the premiere night of High School Musical 2...Irina just HAD to get a picture with Troy!

Katie Techtmann presenting "the book" full of encouragement notes and pictures from Corinne's friends and family.

Thanks to Katie Techtmann and Mr. and Mrs. Glab, the party was a blast for everyone!

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